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INCI names

Glycerin (and) water (and) Laminaria saccharina extract (and) L-arginine


Key words

Skin regeneration

Repair of superficial skin lesions

Moisturizing & smoothness

OCEA CARE® is a combination of glycerin, Laminaria saccharina extract and arginine. The Laminaria saccharina (: Saccharina latissima) extract is prepared from a biotechnological process that favours the bioaccumulation of boron known for its action in wound-healing.

OCEA CARE® targets both the promotion of skin regeneration and the restoration of the skin barrier function integrity.

Cosmetic benefits

OCEA CARE® regulates the major phases of skin regeneration, especially the differentiation of fibroblasts into myofibroblasts , the stimulation of remodelling and the activation of the major growth factors.

OCEA CARE® helps facilitate epithelization and the formation of new tissue by stimulating the proliferation of both keratinocytes and fibroblasts.

By ensuring good skin hydration level and supporting repair of superficial skin injuries, OCEA CARE® restores a feeling of suppleness and comfort to a healthier and smoother state.

Cosmetic applications

Suitable for widespread incorporation in all cosmetics and toiletries products.

Recommended use levels: 1% - 5%.

Action on ECM

Overexpression of HAS 2

Overexpression of COL3 A1

Overexpression of FGF 7

Overexpression of SDC 4

Stimulation of Fibroblast proliferation

Stimulation of HA synthesis

Stimulation of SDC 4 synthesis

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