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The ocean is the vast reservoir of Nature”. Jules Verne – Author

INCI names

Water (and) Butylene glycol (and) Gelidium sesquipedale extract


Key words

Skin revitalization

GELYOL® G.S. 45 is a standardized and concentrated hydroglycolic extract, selectively prepared from the red alga Gelidium sesquipedale

Cosmetic benefits

The main property of GELYOL® G.S. 45 is its revitalizing potency due to the presence of all key elements for

  • improving cell metabolism,
  • helping restructure damaged conjunctive tissues and regenerate collagen,
  • keeping healthy tonic skin and hair.

Thanks to this balanced content in minerals, trace elements and amino acids, GELYOL® G.S. 45 enhances skin hydration, helps skin accelerate all the organic processes and provides flexibility and softness.

As results, the skin is re-mineralized and revitalized.

Cosmetic applications

Daily protection of skin. Nourishing gels, emulsions with minerals in all cosmetics and toiletries.

Recommended use levels: 2% - 5%.

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